Luis Foà Torres


I’m a condensed matter physicist with over 10 years of experience in the field of quantum transport, modeling and simulation of nanomaterials and nanodevices. After working in Italy, France and Germany, I led an interdisciplinary team (physicists and chemists) with three PhD students and a postdoc working on the electronic and optoelectronic properties of nanomaterials and nanodevices at the National University of Cordoba (UNC) in Argentina. Recently, I moved to the Department of Physics (FCFM) of the University of Chile.

Most of my research is focused on the electrical (quantum transport) and opto-electronic properties of two dimensional nanomaterials (graphene-based, MoS2,…) and topological insulators. In particular, my efforts are aimed to the understanding and control of quantum effects arising from time-dependent fields, many-body interactions and decoherence.

At the moment one of the questions that fuels my attention has to do with a new phase of (non-equilibrium) topological insulators (topological insulators are fascinating new materials exhibiting a bulk bandgap but with conducting edge states which are robust to disorder and other perturbations). The idea is to generate and tune topologically protected states by using a laser field as here.

Other research interests include the generation of a directed current at zero bias through quantum interference (quantum pumping) and the synthesis and Raman characterization of graphene multilayers by liquid-phase exfoliation.

For more details on my research you can also visit my publications page or check the following links written for a more general public.


2012/09  “Lo más importante en ciencia son las preguntas”entrevista para La Voz del Interior (Argentina).

2011/10 “Grafeno: tan lejos, tan cerca” / “Graphene: Faraway, so close!” , mini-clip featuring the micromechanical cleavage technique for producing graphene and Raman characterization performed at UNC. Miniclip que muestra la técnica de exfoliación micromecánica del grafeno y su caracterización Raman.

2011/08 “Cover Story: No optical illusion”, William Leventon for MICROmanufacturing Magazine, July/August 2011 issue, page 28. [pdf]

2011/07 “Time-dependent fields for a new breed of carbon-based nanodevices”, invited article for Nanotechnology thought-leaders series at

2011/07 “Lasers could produce much sought after band gaps in graphene”, Lisa Zyga for PhysOrg (science news).

2011/06 “Graphene may gain on-off switch”, American Institute of Physics Press Release (Eureka).

2010/12 “Sobre la pista del grafeno en Argentina: efecto electromecánicos en la nanoescala”, (portal de divulgación).

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2010/06 “Lo que viene: el laser sonoro”, Principia, revista de divulgacion de FAMAF, Marzo de 2010.

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