A short list of articles in different media:

2021/11 "A valley of Opportunities", Feature article for Physics World.

2020/11 "Digging into the 3D Quantum Hall Effect", Viewpoint for APS' Physics.

2019/10 "A sudden twist", News & Views for Nature Physics.

2019/11 Interview for Radio Pauta on quantum computing and the news on quantum supremacy

2019/11 Interview for the magazine América Economía on the future of quantum computing and quantum information (Looking for quantum supremacy)

2016/09 Article for Fifteen Eightyfour, the blog of Cambridge University Press.

2012/09 “Lo más importante en ciencia son las preguntas”, entrevista para La Voz del Interior (Argentina).

2012/05 Extense tv interview prepared by UNC (Argentina): available on VIMEO part 1, part 2, part 3.

2011/10 “Grafeno: tan lejos, tan cerca” / “Graphene: Faraway, so close!” , mini-clip featuring the micromechanical cleavage technique for producing graphene and Raman characterization performed at UNC. Miniclip que muestra la técnica de exfoliación micromecánica del grafeno y su caracterización Raman.
2011/08 “Cover Story: No optical illusion”, William Leventon for MICROmanufacturing Magazine, July/August 2011 issue, page 28. [pdf]

2011/07 “Time-dependent fields for a new breed of carbon-based nanodevices”, invited article for Nanotechnology thought-leaders series at Azonano.com.

2011/07 “Lasers could produce much sought after band gaps in graphene”, Lisa Zyga for PhysOrg (science news).
2011/06 “Graphene may gain on-off switch”, American Institute of Physics Press Release (Eureka).

2010/12 “Sobre la pista del grafeno en Argentina: efecto electromecánicos en la nanoescala”, ciencianet.com.ar (portal de divulgación).

2010/10 “El grafeno, sus secretos, y la investigacion en Córdoba”, Foa Torres para La Voz del Interior (newspaper).

2010/06 “Lo que viene: el laser sonoro”, Principia, revista de divulgacion de FAMAF, Marzo de 2010.

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