Luis Foà Torres


Our focus is on Topological Quantum Matter and driven systems. Our test ground are mostly two-dimensional materials and topological insulators.

Following my appointment at the University of Chile in 2016, the present team is a continuation of Nanocarbon@FaMAF, our earlier work group at the University of Córdoba (FAMAF-UNC, Argentina), which was active between 2009 and 2015.

  • Luis E. F. Foa Torres.
  • José Eduardo Barrios Vargas (Postdoctoral Fellow FondeCyT)
  • Matías Berdakin (Postdoctoral Fellow FondeCyT)
  • Esteban Rodríguez Mena (Doctoral Fellow CONICyT)
  • José Chesta López (Magister student)

Former members

  • Virginia Dal Lago (PhD student, thesis defended on October 2017).
  • Pablo M. Pérez Piskunow (PhD student, thesis defended on December 2015, then moved to TU-Delft for a postdoctoral stay).*
  • Lucas H. Ingaramo (PhD student, thesis defended on September 2016, then moved to software industry).*
  • Hernán L. Calvo (postdoc, then went for two postdoctoral stays in Germany (RWTH Aachen and Jülich FZ), he is now a permanent researcher at CONICET, Argentina and Prof. at the University of Rio Cuarto).
  • Ma. Victoria Bracamonte (postdoc, then went to University of Trieste under the TRIL program, she is now a permanent researcher at CONICET, Argentina).
  • (*) Lucas and Pablo also did their Licenciatura thesis earlier in our team.

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